Meet the students at Restore Leadership Academy!

Restore Leadership Academy started out in 2007 with just 30 students.  We now have 19 teachers and over 260 students in the equivalent of middle and high school.  These students are a daily inspiration to our team and many others; they have been through so much as a result of growing up and living in a country impacted by war. The backgrounds of the students vary, but  almost all of them grew up in northern Uganda during the civil war.  An overwhelming percentage have had one or both of their parents die due to the war or disease.  They come from all different backgrounds and circumstances, yet you’ll never meet a happier, energetic, and ambitious bunch. Thanks to Restore Leadership Academy, they are receiving one of the best educations possible in Northern Uganda, and more than that, they are part of a family. We can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish!

Want to help out and impact their lives forever? Check out these programs: Engage and Launch.




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